Softwares for climatological purpose


This software performs statistical calculations from monthly worldwide sea level pressure data (average positions of the subtropical high pressure edge, extrapolated sea level pressure field for a given temperature anomaly using a 4th degree regression with past data, etc...).

Source code of Prestat
Required files for Prestat:
Background picture of the graphic interface
Past monthly sea level pressure data
Monthly global temperature anomalies
Monthly data of the NAO index

Indi stations pressure

This software calculates wind roses (in fact, the percentage of west/east wind) at chosen locations for the whole year or a selected month. It can either compute averages or extrapolate values for given atmospherical parameters (temperature anomaly, AMO index ...) from a 2nd degree regression with past data.

Source code of Indi stations pressure
Required files:
Monthly global temperature anomalies
Monthly data of the AMO index (and not NAO as indicated whithin the graphic interface...)
Data for the location Lyon-Bron
Data for the location Bordeaux-Mérignac
Data for the location Strasbourg-Entzheim
Data for the location Paris-Orly
Data for Marseille and Munich (required when the user chooses these cities) are incomplete (and not on this website). Weather Underground has no free API anymore from which I can download the data. Maybe I will pay some time in order to download the missing data.